By-Laws of the Library Board

Revised By-Laws of The Burlington Public Library Board of Trustees


Section 1. Pursuant to the requirements of s. 43.54, Wis. Stats., the Library Board of the Burlington Public Library shall consist of seven appointed members who shall be citizens of the municipality except that not more than two appointive members thereof may be residents of other municipalities. Members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. One of the above appointed members shall be the public school administrator, or his/her representative. Not more than one member of the City Council shall at any time be a member of the Library Board. No compensation shall be paid to members of the Library Board for their services as such, but they may be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in performing duties outside the municipality if so authorized by the Library Board.

Section 2. Pursuant to the requirements of s. 43.60(3), Wis. Stats., a County Chairperson, with the approval of the County Board, may appoint additional member(s) of the Library Board from among the residents of the County, as follows:

(a) Whenever the annual sum appropriated by a County to the Burlington Public Library during the preceding fiscal year:

  1. Is equal to at least 1/6, but less than 1/3, of the annual sum appropriated to the Burlington Public Library by the City of Burlington, one additional member;
  2. Is equal to at least 1/3, but less than 1/2, of the City’s appropriation, two additional members;
  3. Is equal to at least 1/2, but less than 2/3, of the City’s appropriation, three additional members;
  4. Is equal to at least 2/3, but less than the City’s appropriation, four additional members;
  5. Is equal to at least the City’s appropriation, five additional members.

(b) A County Chairperson may appoint a County Supervisor to serve as a member of the Library Board, but no more than one County Supervisor (per county) so appointed may serve on the Library Board at the same time.

(c) No more than five additional Library Board members may be appointed under this subsection, pursuant to s. 43.54(1)(a), Wis. Stats.

(d) The term of each additional member appointed pursuant to this section shall be three years from the May 1 next succeeding such appointment and thereafter for a term of three years.

  1. If an additional member appointed to the Library Board under this section loses the status upon which the appointment was based, the member ceases to be a member of the Library Board effective on the following May 1.

Section 3. The secretary shall report to the Mayor absenteeism of a member of three consecutive meetings or an excess of 50% during any twelve month period without such bona fide excuses as illness, death in the family, out of town.


Section 1. Officers of the Board shall be a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.

Section 2. The officers shall be elected by simple majority vote at the annual meeting for a term of one year. Vacancies in office shall be filled by ballot at the next regular meeting of the Board after the vacancy occurs.

Section 3. The President of the Board shall preside at all meetings; appoint all committees; together with the Secretary shall certify all bills approved by the Board; authorize all calls for special meetings; and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer. In the absence of the President from a Board Meeting, the Vice-President shall preside over the meeting. The Vice-President shall assist the President and serve in his or her absence when necessary.

The Secretary of the Board shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the Board meetings; shall have custody of the minutes and other records of the Board; together with the President shall certify all bills approved by the Board; shall notify the appointing body of any vacancies on the Board; and handle all correspondence for the Board.


Section 1. The Library Board shall meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at six-thirty at the Library. All Board members will be notified of any change of meeting date or location, and public notice will be posted. The May meeting shall be the annual meeting.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President, or upon the written request of two members, for the transaction of business as stated in the call. Written notice stating the time and place of any special meeting and the purpose for which called shall be given each member of the Board at least twenty-four hours in advance of the special meeting.

Section 3. Quorum. A quorum shall consist of at least half of the currently appointed membership of the Board.

Section 4. The order of business at the regular meetings shall be as follows:

  • Call to order
  • Approval of minutes
  • Approval of general and trust bills
  • Trustee training and development
  • Committee reports
  • Federated Library Report
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Report of the Library Director
  • Communication
  • Adjournment

Section 5 Robert’s Rules of Orders, last revised edition, shall govern the parliamentary procedure of the Board.

Section 6 All Board meetings and all committee meetings shall be held in compliance with Wisconsin’s open meetings law (Wisconsin Statutes Sections 19.81 to 19.98).


Section 1. There shall be the following standing committees, appointed by the President for one year commencing at the annual meeting and each committee shall consist of at least three members:

  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Personnel Committee

Section 2. Building and Grounds Committee: Among the duties of the Building Committee are appraisal of present facilities, building repairs, future building planning and expansion.

Finance Committee: Among the duties of the Finance Committee are preparation of the annual budget and recommendation of transfer of funds for action by the Library Board and City Council.

Personnel Committee: Among the duties of the Personnel Committee are evaluation of new positions proposed by the Library Director, and, if in agreement with the proposals, introduce same to the Library Board for acceptance or rejection; annual review of salary schedule and fringe benefits.

Section 3. Special committees may be appointed at any time by the President for any duration.


Section 1. Legal responsibility for the operation of the Burlington Public Library is vested in the Board of Trustees. Subject to state and federal law, the Board has the power and the duty to determine rules and regulations governing library operations and services.

Section 2. The Board shall select, appoint and supervise a properly certified and competent library director, and determine the duties and compensation of all library employees.

Section 3. The Board shall approve the budget and make sure that adequate funds are provided to finance the approved budget.

Section 4. The Board shall have exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected, donated or appropriated for the library fund and shall audit and approve all library expenditures.

Section 5. The Board shall supervise and maintain buildings and grounds, as well as regularly review various physical and building needs to see that they meet the requirements of the total library program.

Section 6. The Board shall study and support legislation that will bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of library users.

Section 7. The Board shall cooperate with other public officials and boards and maintain vial public relations.

Section 8. The Board shall approve and submit the required annual report to the Division for Libraries and Technology, and the city council.


Section 1. Board members may not in their private capacity negotiate, bid for, or enter into a contract with the Burlington Public Library in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest.

Section 2. A board member shall withdraw from Board discussion, deliberation, and vote on any matter in which the Board member, an immediate family member, or an organization with which the Board member is associated has a substantial financial interest.

Section 3. A board member may not receive anything of value that could reasonably be expected to influence his or her vote or other official action


Section 1. The Library Director shall have sole charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the Board. The Library Director shall be held responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment, for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public, for the operation of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget, and for the submission to this Board of monthly and annual reports, and recommendations to the Board of such policies and procedures as in the opinion of said Library Director will promote the efficiency of the library. The Library Director shall attend all Board meetings except those at which his/her appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided.


Section 1. The Library Board may contract with library organizations within this state or in adjacent states to provide or receive library services as stipulated in s. 43.52, Wis. Stats., and shall have all of the powers and duties of library boards set forth in ch. 43, Wis. Stats.


Section 1. Amendments to these rules may be proposed at any regular meeting but may become effective after a favorable vote at a subsequent meeting. The vote to be favorable must have the affirmative vote of five members of the Board. Any of the foregoing rules may be temporarily suspended by unanimous vote of all the Trustees present at the meeting and the vote on such suspension shall be taken by yeas and nays and entered into the official record.

Revised and adopted: May 19, 1980
Amended: October 27, 1982
Revised: April 23, 1996
Revised: July 24, 2001
Revised: January 30, 2007
Revised: April 27, 2010
Revised: July 15, 2014
Revised: May 23, 2017
Revised: November 21, 2017

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