RFP for Strategic Planning

For: Interested Consultants
From: Burlington Public Library, Board of Trustees
Date: February 26, 2019
Re: Request for planning bids

Attached is a scope of work describing completion of a strategic plan for the Burlington Public Library. The Board of Trustees seeks a description of approach and cost to complete this important project.

The chief areas of expertise sought are generating community surveys and market research, and designing, creating and leading high-quality working sessions, the goal of which is to create the basis for a strategic plan. We also request that the consultant produce a summary of the session which can be readily crafted into the plan itself.

A scope of work for the consultant is below. Proposals are due by March 25, 2019. Please include the following in your proposal: 1) A description of your/your firm’s capacity and experience in this work, both generally and with libraries or comparable organizations; 2) A depiction of the approach you would take including detailed objectives; 3) A minimum of 3 references that we may consult on your previous work; 4) the estimated cost of your involvement.

In the interim, inquiries may be directed to the following:
Joe Davies, Director, Burlington Public Library
262-342-1130; jdavies@burlingtonlibrary.org

Materials should be sent c/o Joe Davies via email or mail to Burlington Public Library, 166 E. Jefferson St., Burlington, WI 53105. Face-to-face or telephone interviews may be conducted, so noting availability during early April would be helpful.

Additional Considerations:

  • Burlington Public Library reserves the right to reject any or all proposals
  • Burlington Public Library reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted and to request additional information from the firm(s).

Burlington Public Library Planning Consultant Responsibilities

The role of the consultant is to support completion of a strategic plan by:

1) designing and facilitating the strategic planning process; 2) developing background information as needed; and, 3) leading working sessions that designs a strategic plan.

The desired consultant’s duties are to:

  • Work with the Library Director and the Library Board to design an appropriate process and complete a plan during Summer 2019, final timetable to be determined.
  • Outline the format for staff and Board members to complete an environmental scan.
  • Generate market research, observations, local interviews and employee engagement.
  • Produce materials and tools for Library Board review and use in their planning efforts.
  • Ensure that all agreed-upon timelines are met.
  • Work with the Library Director and Library Board president to prepare for each meeting.
  • Support the Library Board, working group, staff and others as necessary to complete task assignments.
  • Facilitate portions of Library Board meetings as needed.
  • Design & facilitate a day-long working session to solidify organizational decisions, during Summer 2019.
  • Draft and edit a working session summary that could serve as a starting point for a draft plan.
  • Support Library staff and/or Board Committee to produce a full draft plan for Board review and approval.
  • Respond to and assist with any special requests related to the above duties.
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